Creative Lead:

Walker Milhoan


Scope of Work:

Graphic design




Forget your website’s search position for a moment. Let’s focus on your BRAND’s search position. Visably looks for mentions of your brand across every result on the first page of search. Once we’ve identified which results include your brand, Visably sub-categorizes the mentions into categories that include: paid media, earned media, e-commerce, and brand-owned media.

Visably, a tech startup located in Jackson, Wyoming, needed some graphics for their new website that were as unique as the product itself. They needed to look modern yet hand-sketched and they needed to be able to visually communicate the message almost as well as the web copy did. Milhoan Design accepted this challenge and delivered 9 icon-style graphics, a paywall graphic, and one design that entices the user to dive on in and sign up for the product. Enjoy!

Created with: Procreate, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Visably Motion Graphics

Visably Iconography

Paid Media

Adwords, Google Shopping, Display Advertising, SEM. Whatever you call it, Visably tracks your brand position across all paid media that appear on the first-page of search.

Earned Media

PR placements, news, product reviews, non-paid organic content. Visably recognizes content that derives from independent media outlets vs. brand-owned content.


Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy — Visably identifies organically positioned online retailers and will tell you if your brand exists on that retailer’s landing page.

Brand-owned Media

Be it your website or your competitor’s, know how many sites on the first-page of search are brand-owned and whose content is winning.