Creative Lead:

Walker Milhoan


Scope of Work:

Graphic design


The Finch is the sister hotel of The Lark (see this post) and is located in Walla Walla, Washington. The Finch shares the same moto as it’s sister hotel in Bozeman, “get people outside.” Create stunning graphics that relate to the local outdoors economy and place them in each room in the hopes that visitors will take action and explore. Milhoan Design is rooted in western culture. Ranching, rodeo, and conservation run deep in our veins we wanted to create graphics that align with this framework. Wheat is the number one crop in Walla Walla County so we created a diagram of a wheat plant. Palouse Falls is uniques in many ways but it is also a pillar of conservation and many landowners donated many acres to keeping this special place protected from development. Native grasses are a vital resource to the local ranchers; they provide livestock with a high-quality feed source, they reduce erosion, and grass and deep soil sequester more carbon than trees. Finally, the Walla Walla Fair and Frontier Days are the oldest running rodeo and livestock expo events in America. Enjoy!

Created with: Adobe Draw, Adobe Illustrator, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil