Creative Lead:

Walker Milhoan


Scope of Work:

Graphic design

Tee shirt design


Brand Collateral

Born of country roads, adulterated “Range Cattle” signs, and the iconic Scottish Highlander breed of cattle, stRange Cattle New England IPA (NEIPA) is quickly becoming the go-to beer for outdoor junkies, tech bros, ski bums, and bankers in Southwestern Montana. So when your beer is flowing out of the tap faster than water out of a fire hose at a five-alarm fire you need merch, and you need it fast! Milhoan Design was tasked with creating a “Willie-Esq” design that would encompass the country roads, the adulterated “Range Cattle” signs, and the Scottish Highlander — this is what we created. Enjoy!

Created with: Adobe Draw, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Designs created along the way