Creative Lead:

Walker Milhoan


Scope of Work:

Graphic design

Logo design


Brand Collateral

When the foremost patina artist in West Palm Beach, Florida asks you for help with a complete rebrand for his emerging fine finishes business you, drop everything and agree! (Disclaimer: the foremost patina artist is actually my brother, Prent Milhoan, @faux_co)

Family admiration aside, Prent has created one of the most respected names in the Patina business, so naturally, he needed a logo that was as crisp as his reputation. The FauxCo logo was hand-drawn with the goal of creating something that would span casual and professional, and that would appeal to the West Palm Beach business crowd. Greys and dark blues were used to reflect an elegant, ocean-atmosphere that would reassure FauxCo customers that they were receiving top-tier patina services with a Dickie’s-apparel attitude. Various secondary marks were curated for the easy branding of FauxCo merch like tees and trucker hats.

Created with: Adobe Draw, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Designs created along the way